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At DelGate you can choose the level of service you want - depending on your needs - using either our delivery services for B2B or B2C customers by choosing the most suitable package for your business. Our wide range of services are also 

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DelGate provides logistics solutions for most major industries, online vendors, wholesalers and retailers throughout British Columbia. We have the warehouse capabilities and expertise to accommodate the specific requirements of your industry, whether you have large volumes of products to be stored, shipped and distributed to your customer’s place or your goods require careful handling.

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DelGate provides a supportive logistic solution for many Industries. Our distribution services are along with the ability to do your shipments, warehousing and manage your product’s delivery, sorting out the items and locations, packing and wrapping your products, route planning the deliveries and doing all arrangements and paperwork with your customers and place the item at your customer’s home.

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We offer a high quality and professional service that takes all the stress and pressure of dispatching off you. Our exceptional dispatch services help you with everything to track and support your freight truck fleet management! 

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Furniture White-Glove

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Appliances Installation

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Furniture Assembly

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