About Us

DelGate Delivery Solution Systems is a family owned and rapidly growing local delivery company based on a technology solution, located in North Vancouver, BC which registered as 24Seven Services Center Ltd.  Our delivery center specializes in COMMERCIAL and HOME DELIVERIES. We facilitate Medium, large and oversize delivery vehicles for businesses and individuals in the Greater Vancouver area. Additionally, we deliver to surrounding islands and other areas in BC, such as Victoria, Nanaimo, Whistler, Pemberton, Gibson, Sechelt, Half-moon Bay and more areas specific to the customer schedule and needs.

DelGate provides supportive logistic and distribution services using any size vehicle for a variety of industries along with sorting, packing and delivery services to the dedicated individual or business customer’s place. Our logistic solution designed for early stages businesses with the ability to do any volume of shipment, warehousing and managing the delivery of your products, sorting out the items and locations, packing and wrapping your products, route planning the deliveries and doing all arrangements and paperwork with your customers and place the item at your customer’s home. As your business grows, we can offer further services including assembly and installation, white glove service and more. 
DelGate is currently working with many furniture stores all over the Greater Vancouver area, pick up directly from the store’s warehouse or factory and deliver it to the customer’s place on the same day.

All our trucks are equipped with tailgate, ramp, pallet jack, dolly, and other moving equipment as well as a great Insurance coverage for contents inside the truck and liability for the location of the delivery. Our team members are professional, polite, reliable, and handle the orders attentively and with care. They’ve been specifically trained to wrap, unwrap, move, install and uninstall furniture and appliances as it’s the most of our business. Their professions guarantee satisfaction to customers! 
Additionally, DelGate offers a high quality and professional customer service that takes all the stress and pressure of dispatching off your business. Our exceptional dispatch services help you with everything to track and support your freight truck fleet management! Our customer service team can take care of any required work regarding the delivery inquiries such as over arrange the date and time with customers and taking care of all the paper works when needed.

DelGate is always looking for opportunities to provide a smart and systemize collaboration with the home and store deliveries through our great management and fantastic team members all over BC, Canada, and the US. 
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